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  • I Love/Hate My Stuff

    April 29, 2015 | 4 Comments »

    The subtitle of this post is: how a random spill plus seasonal allergies is transforming me into a minimalist, sort of.

    Anyone who knows me is aware of my great love for prints, colors and collections. I have spent the better part of a decade amassing so many of them: animal brooches, small hats, paper ephemera, things with birds on them, and now I am spending the better part of wondering why I have such a hunger for all this stuff. I have spent a lot of time telling myself that I work best surrounded by piles of things I love and I can’t help but wonder if I’ve been telling myself a big fat lie.

    It’s a horrible paradox that a woman who loves old musty things can be so horribly allergic to them. I dutifully go to my allergist weekly to get shots for all the molds and mildews that make me sneeze and then head home to dust off my piles of carefully displayed stuff. Though it pains me to purge anything, it’s also possible that my collections are literally killing me. And of course, there’s the obvious, but much more terrifying question: what gaping void is in my soul that needs to be filled with material things?

    So, a tiny funny things happened yesterday that helped me understand just how much I am starting to (gasp) appreciate less. As one might imagine, when one has a home overflowing with stuff, one learns to work around said stuff, placing one’s water glasses, for instance at the very edge of surfaces, just begging to be spilled. And spill, I did. I was already late to a meeting for work and dramatically knocked a full water glass over onto my bureau. Hastily, I tossed almost everything from the bureau to the bed, contents including a collection of Ladurée boxes, a basket of bangles, and a stack of vintage German sheet music, and left the mess for later.

    When I returned that evening, I looked at the top of the bureau and thought, “huh, emptiness feels kind of nice. There’s more space to breathe and think and work, and…holy crap, I can’t be defined by the number of Ladurée boxes I own!”

    So this is what I will say to the wacky, whimsical ladies out there like me: embracing a bit minimalism doesn’t have to mean a life of linen smocks, polished concrete and glass topped coffee tables. You can still have your style, just have less of it. You can still have cool wall decor, but sometimes, just sometimes, let those white walls breathe. A little bit more empty space is my house has meant a little extra room for me to fit into it.

    All images, from the top, via The Design Files
    1. The home of Kate Stokes and Haslett Grounds
    2. The home of Amber and Andy Bell
    3. The home of Marni Kornhauser
    4. The home of Dominique Brammah and Ashley Ryan

    I Love Amsterdam: KattenKabinet

    June 15, 2014 | 2 Comments »

    KattenKabinet is quirky little museum in Amsterdam focusing on the cat as artistic muse. If you’ve ever talked to me for more than ten minutes, you will know I am a dedicated cat lover so I was very much in heaven.

    KattenKabinet photo by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com
    The KattenKabinet was founded by Bob Meijer in 1990 as an act of remembrance for his own dearly departed cat, John Pierpont Morgan. In addition to a Rembrandt, a Picasso and a Toulouse-Lautrec, KattenKabinet houses hundreds of lesser-known sculptures, drawings, posters and even a few real, live kitties who prowl through the stately rooms.
     KattenKabinet photo by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com
    KattenKabinet photo by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.comline
    KattenKabinet photo by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com
    KattenKabinet photo by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com
    KattenKabinet photo by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com
    KattenKabinet photo by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com
    KattenKabinet photo by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com
    KattenKabinet photo by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com
    lineKattenKabinet photo by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com
    KattenKabinet photo by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.comline

    Wanderlust: Three Days in Providence, RI

    November 23, 2011 | 5 Comments »

    I've talked about my intense wanderlust instinct before. It's definitely a bit of a grass-is-always-greener syndrome- I spend three days in a cute town, city or hamlet and I instantly want to move there. But I swear, I could actually live in Providence for reals. When Squam friends Elizabeth and Christine invited me to spend a few days in their adobable city, I jumped at the chance.

    Providence rolled out the perfect fall weekend for me with crisp sunny days walking through leaf strewn sidewalks and lazy brunches nibbling on pastries and drinking tea. Elizabeth and Christine were perfect hosts- that just right combination of lots to do and see but no hurry to do it in.


    On Friday I hopped the train (I love train rides don't you?) from NYC and got into Providence very late but luckily Christine's house has a separate entrance so I snuck in to find a gigantic king size bed piled with pillows just for me and note telling me that there were homemade muffins and butternut squash soup in the fridge. What is this magical place? My personal heaven?






    Saturday we walked all over the city, stopping for a delicious, local and somehow still inexpensive lunch at the art collective space AS220. My favorite part of the day (and possibly the month) was a visit to the Edna Lawrence Nature Lab, part of RISD but open to the public. Artists of all kinds can peruse the thousands of specimens, rocks, shells, feathers and animals there and then sketch, sculpt and paint them at the giant tables there. I think I could go there every day. They also had a beautiful exhibit about the geometry of plant life and nature. Just the kind of nerdiness that I go for.




    We had dinner at La Laiterie, another local type retaurant. I had steak with mushroom gnocci and sunchoke fondant. It made my head explode with happiness.






    Sunday started off with the aforementioned lazy brunch at Elizabeth's beautiful light filled house (and her vey own mini- Nature Lab). Seriously Providence, why are you hogging all the sun? I like my house fine but let's be real, it is a dark South Philly cave. After that we took another walk, did some shopping, followed by dinner at Christine's (why didn't I take pics of here house too? Dang!) and dessert at Pastiche.

    And Sunday I took a walk with Elizabeth then headed home. Even the adorably cute train station had good food: I got myself a grilled cheese on sourdough bread from the local bakery with avocado and bacon. Take that Penn Station.

    Good eats and pretty scenery aside, the best part of the trip was the talking. You know when you are with people that just get you, regardless of how short or long they've known you and the conversation is just effortless? I came home inspired and happy, ready to start lots of new projects and dream lots of big things.

    Loving {Forever}: Big Blue

    September 6, 2011 | No Comments »

    It's a grey grey Tuesday and I must be craving a clear sky because everything I posted to Pinterest today was blue blue blue. Oh, and I spent a lovely weekend at friend's house in Brooklyn and she has one fantastic teal blue wall in her living room. Hmmm…maybe I shouldn't have painted my living room white!
    I'm a bit of a color harlot- I can't really think of a shade I don't like! Any colors you really hate or really love?
    Picture 24
    A gorgeous home from Design*sponge

    Picture 25
    Farrow & Ball wall colors

    paint chip quilt by kimem

    Picture 27
    Abigail Ahern's totally-awesome-and-over-the-top blue table.

    Shades of blue, green and yellow.

    White Cube

    June 20, 2011 | 4 Comments »

    I have to admit: I have never, ever in my life wanted white walls. So it's a little weird to be completely obsessed with white right now. The Mr. and I currently live in a very brown house; it's all brown floors, brown stairs, brown couch (what? I bought it before we moved!) and white walls seem like the only thing to combat the sea of brown. Not taupe, eggshell, cream, just white white white. I've been pinning and saving any inspiration I can find with white walls. Here are a few favorites below…

    Oh, and the color we picked? Snowbound by Sherwin Williams. Just a teensy bit creamier than pure white.

    the Smithy home (it's for sale!) in the Catskills.

    Jonathan Adler's New York home


    two images above of the designers of Nightwood's home in New York Magazine

    to the left: from Convoy, to the right, a house styled by Emily Henderson

    Humblegarden Apartment

    December 27, 2010 | 2 Comments »







    This apartment refurbishment by Tham & Videgård Hansson Arkitekter is off the hook amazing. I'm not quite sure if I could live here but you have got to admire their design chutzpah.

    The apartment was designed to reflect the changing colors of the seasons reflected in the park just outside and the repeating parquet theme carries you from one room to the next. The colors are just incredible right? I could stare at them for hours.


    via yatzer.


    Jennifer Talbot: Installations and Interiors

    November 5, 2010 | 2 Comments »

    I never really write about kid's designs but this is too amazing to pass up. Jennifer Talbot goes waaayyyyy beyond the usual child's playroom and creates these fantastically fun environments with beautiful handmade details.


    I mean, this room includes a working tree swing, pickable fabric lemons and a thrift store stool transformed into a racoon! So cool right?




    Now these are some lucky kids!

    Check out her website and blog for many more projects for kids and some for adults too!!!

    Color Inspiration

    August 30, 2010 | 3 Comments »

    We're deep in the nesting and decorating phase of moving and as always, I have been thinking a lot about color. I'm trying to shake a few things up in this new place (I am beyond over my pink and black go-to bedroom combo) so I've been bookmarking colors like crazy.

    Here are few that I love:

    Blue, salmon, straw, lemon- from the Color me Pretty series on Decor8

    A riot of pretty sorbet shades- from here

    Picture 16
    Apricots, seafoam and peacock green from the Color Collective blog

    Picture 17
    Canary and sky blue from Creature Comforts

    No matter what, there will be stripes. Maybe this one from Superbuzzy:


    Or this one, the standard navy ticking stripe that is totally timeless to me.


    And I have always loved this set from Dwell, even more that it's called Draper Stripe.
    Picture 15

    Home in 178 square feet

    February 25, 2010 | 15 Comments »

    I've been thinking a lot about how much space I need to live comfortably. In Brooklyn, we lived in a cramped railroad that felt very much like a long hallway. We loved it (it was New York and you take what you can get) but I spent a lot of my time pacing back and forth from room to room. When we moved to Philadelphia, we settled into a gigantic industrial loft and it's as if everything we owned instantly expanded to fill the space. We love this place too but I think it's too fancy for us; I like some crumbling walls and peeling paint in my apartments. So now, as our lease is almost up, we are looking for something a little in-between, a just-right sort of place that we can call home.



    But, when I see places like this 178 square foot apartment, the home of designer Zach Motl, I think, "I can do that". There's something actually quite comforting about a tiny home, everything needs to have a place and there's no room for extra crap that you don't need or want.

    What do you think? Could you live in a little place or do you like the room to spread out?

    December 28, 2009 | 9 Comments »

    Picture 1

    Picture 2

    Picture 4

    Breathtaking use of color and bright African fabrics from stylist Irina Graewe's portfolio.