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    Hi, I’m Kayte! Find out more about me here and/or send me an email at kaytet@gmail.com.

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    October 3, 2013 | No Comments »


    10 important things about me:

    1. I work in the visual department for this lovely place.
    2. I have been making things my whole life but please don’t ask me to pick just one. I will cry.
    3. I went to an experimental college called Simon’s Rock when I was 15.
    4. I vacillate wildly between die-hard city girl and country mouse.
    5. I’m a Libra. See why I have a hard time making decisions?
    6. I’m 34 and I don’t know how to drive.
    7. I laugh easily and cry easily. Sometimes at the same time.
    8. I am a library of not particularly useful knowledge- who was that actor in an episode Law and Order season 5? What did the Chloe Spring 2007 collection look like? Ask me.
    9. I have a bit of that typical Yankee staunchness that comes across as aloof but I’m not. Just give me a chance.
    10. I am incredibly close to my mom. 

    10 slightly less important things about me:
    1. When I was a kid, I had a traumatic experience with mustard. As a result I will not eat it. Ever.
    2. I love the mix of natural materials with plastics, neons, and metals. It’s all about juxtaposition. I also like to eat my food mixed up.
    3. In college, after a late night of studying, I accidentally broke a mirror and, logically glued it to my dorm room floor. I also hot glued buttons all over the wall. I have no idea why I wasn’t fined.
    4. My legs don’t ever get tan.
    5. I can’t ever seem to keep a pair of earrings, so I always wear them mismatched.
    6. I sing a mean karaoke rendition of Barracuda by Heart.
    7. I love to bake but I’m often on a gluten free, dairy free or sugar free kick so often I can’t eat my own creations.
    8. I love pink.
    9. I wish I was a morning person.
    10. I wish I wore hats more.

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