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  • I Love Art: Janine Antoni

    April 26, 2015 | 2 Comments »


    Last week, I was lucky enough to get an invite to hear artist Janine Antoni speak to some current students at my future school, University of the Arts. Antoni is an artist I have always loved and hearing so much insight into her process was really amazing. Much of her work, be it sculpture, performance, photography, or all of the above is rooted in her curiosity of daily human rituals such as eating, sleeping, grooming or giving birth. She often turns to her own body to process this experience-recording her dreams on an EKG machine, gnawing on giant sculptures of lard and chocolate, trussing her body up over a theater and, my personal favorite, peeing out of a handmade copper apparatus off the top of the Chrystler Building.

    As she spoke of her process, I thought about how much warmth, humor and investigation she clearly brings to each piece and how much I want to be able to convey that in my own art. A lot of people dismiss conceptual art for being pretentious (and honestly lots of it is) but Antoni’s art has soul.

    Janine Antoni- Slumber- thisisloveforever.com
    Slumber, 1993 Performance with loom, yarn, bed, nightgown, EEG machine and artist’ REM reading

    Janine Antoni- if i die before i wake- thisisloveforever.com
    If I Die Before I Wake (mother’s hand meets daughter’s hand in prayer), Porcelain nightlight with electrical fixture

    Mary, Raku fired ceramic
    Mom and Dad, Mother, father, makeup

    Umbilical, Sterling silver cast of family silverware and negative impression of artist’s mouth and mother’s hand

    Lick and Lather, Two busts: one chocolate and one soap

    All photos from Luhring Augustine Gallery

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    2 Responses to “I Love Art: Janine Antoni”

    1. ida says:

      j’ain une idee pour vous si vous l’aimez …le voila….an morceau qui discute les orteils et les doigts…merci.

    2. Awesome blogging. Informative and classy post. Keep sharing more.

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