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  • Gift Guide: For my little sister Clementine, the free spirit

    November 21, 2013 | 1 Comment »

    clockwise, from left to right: bottle openers by Fort Standard, magic hour candle in Fire by Summerland, Takara Kali bracelet from Mille, clutch by Kinda Khalida, kimono by Upstate

    This year, I got inspired to try something a little different: Gift Guides! I don’t usually do Gift Guides but I thought it might be fun to create some to form a narrative around a fictional character I make up. The full gift guides live here, on my Pinterest page, but I’ll introduce each person to you on my blog. So get to know Clementine, my ultra-cool (and totally made up) little sister! I’ll be posting more of these as inspiration strikes!

    Photo credit, at top: Michael williams for flare june 2013

    One Response to “Gift Guide: For my little sister Clementine, the free spirit”

    1. That clutch is what dreams are made of. Tassels on everything! <3

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