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  • The Season of the Witch

    October 17, 2013 | 2 Comments »

    Because I am an unabashed nerd in all ways, fashion included, I spend a lot of time thinking about a new look each fall season (yes, in case you were wondering I also spend time thinking about important things like Syria and world peace). It’s not about trends or the editorials in the September issue of Vogue; it’s a much more emotional process, a throwback to the ritual of back-to-school that has stuck with me over the years.  And I know I’m far from the only one: when pressed lots of ladies and guys I know admit they do exactly the same thing.

    You could say I design my fall self in the same way I design concepts at work: an old magazine tear I’ve been holding onto for years takes on new significance with a new look that’s entered the cultural zeitgeist or a movie that really inspired me.

    A few things kept spinning through my head: braids, gypsies, New England prep schools, the Valentino Spring ’14 show, witches, outfits I wore in the early ’90s and the new season of American Horror Story. They spin and spin and then, kaboom!, something takes shape. So for Fall, I’m all about a slightly gothic, early ’90s witch thing with just a teensy bit of prep school angst (The Craft or Beetlejuice anyone?). And boy, am I excited. Also, I’m pretty sure witches are the next vampire (and if Flavorwire is right, I’m not the only one).

    The Season of the Witch / thisisloveforever.com

    The Season of the Witch / thisisloveforever.com
    The Season of the Witch / thisisloveforever.com

    The Season of the Witch / thisisloveforever.comwitchy6 witchy5

    What are you excited about this season?

    Images from top left:
    Row 1: on left: Luna Cat; on right: Charlotte Taylor AW ’12 lookbook
    Row 2: on left: Valentino Spring ’14 from style.com; on right: Codie Young for i-D magazine shot by Richard Bush
    Row 3: “Scotch on the Rocks” shot by Josh Cornell for Flare magazine via Dusty Burrito
    Row 4: on left: image from Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae by Father Athanasius Kircher from bibliOdyssey ; on right: “Transport Yourself” shot by Andrew Soule for Flare magazine via image amplified
    Row 5: on left: “Ladies in Waiting by Paolo Roversi for W magazine via, on right: Sheila Marquez shot by Jan Welters for Elle Russia Dec. ’10 via riotmodeblog
    Row 6: Siouxsie and the Banshees image via

    2 Responses to “The Season of the Witch”

    1. Hello,

      I just found your divinely sweet blog, and boy am I happy that I did! What a delight! I am now subscribing to your wonderful blog so I don’t miss a post! Please stop by my whimsical spot, GirlWhimsy, to say hi & hopefully follow.

      See you soon!

    2. Brie R says:

      This is great! This season is so beautiful to look at and it has inspired me as well. I started watching for my love of New Orleans but I kept watching for the house, clothes and glam ladies. I recently wrote up a little background on Madame LaLaurie in a Haunted Tour of New Orleans. Check it out! a lot of people don’t know that Kathy Bate’s character is based on a real woman. Sad, but true. Here is the link if you want to take a look.

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