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  • Iceland Day 1: The Itinerary

    August 12, 2013 | No Comments »


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    “Why Iceland?” A lot of people asked.
    Because I hate summer in Philadelphia and my outlook on life was going south. Because the Mr. and I needed to get away for real. Because Iceland has always fascinated me with it’s call of untamed nature, late night clubbing and wacky design aesthetic. Because Bjork and Sigur Ros and Mum and Kron Kron shoes. Ok, you’re with me here right? Iceland is amazing.
    We arrived on a Saturday afternoon, groggy but so, so thankful for clear skies and 65 degree weather and immediately headed down Laugavegur, the main drag, in search of brunch. Our Airbnb apartment wouldn’t be ready for a few more hours. On our way, we spotted a water fountain. “The water in Iceland is amazing”, we heard. And we heard right. Oh my goodness, it’s like holding your mouth up to a melting mountain glacier, cool, crisp and life-affirming.
    We ate brunch at the Laundromat Café, a perfect spot for watching Icelanders strolling and enjoying a perfect summer day. Maybe it was the moment, maybe we were tired, maybe it’s because we were on vacation but the butter was more buttery, the milk more creamy, the eggs soft and orange as a marigold. Or maybe it’s just that everything in Iceland is just more delicious. Who knows, but one thing was for sure: this was going to be a great week.

    Stay tuned for more over the next four days….

    If you’re going to Iceland:
    -You’ll be flying into Keflavik Airport, which is a bit of a hike from Reykjavik. Their is a FlyBus with Reykjavik Excursions that you can take into the city, either dropping you off at the BSI bus terminal at the outskirts of the city, or at your hotel (if you’re staying at an apartment, just have them drop you at the nearest hotel). We also used this opportunity to buy bus passes for a few day trips over the week.

    -Definitely consider an Airbnb! We found the cutest apartment for a fraction of the cost of a hotel and, since we had a kitchen, we could stock up on breakfast and snacks, thus saving even more krona!

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