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  • Read. Watched. May and June.

    June 24, 2013 | 1 Comment »

    I missed a couple months somewhere this spring but "Read. Watched.", my account of books and movies consumed this year is back! If I want to get to 50, I'm clearly going to have to do some late-year cramming.

    Read: My books for May and June were all over the map, from self-help to classics, biographies about crazy Belgian kings and autobiographies about crazy families.
    1. I love a good memoir and so I tore through the pages of Her Last Death by Susanna Sonnenberg, the story of a woman's relationship with her philandering, drug-addled, compulsive-lying mother.
    2. After reading We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families, I got onto an African history kick and picked up King Leopold's Ghost by Adam Hocschild, which basically explains how Rwanda and the Congo got so messed up in the first place. Hint: It was the Belgians.
    3. Brene Brown keeps me feeling (relatively) sane so I picked up I Thought it Was Just Me (But It Isn't).
    4. Everyone has Gatsby fever right now! I told myself I couldn't watch the new movie until I re-read the book. I loved it even more than the first time. Now let's see what I think of the movie.
    5. The Caveman Diet. Paleo. Whatever you call it, I now call it my ideal eating style. Paleo takes some flack for being trendy but it's hard to fault something that makes me feel so good. I read Well-Fed to stay informed and get some tips for my new adopted diet.
    6. I've read The Artist's Way before. And this is a bit of a cheat because I'm not really done with it yet (it's a 12 week program and I'm on 3). I'm doing the Artist's Way with a few people online this summer and it has been really rewarding to do it in a group. For more info about that, head over here!

    Up next in July: lots of books on yurts, more F. Scott Fitzgerald and Lady Chatterly's Lover!

    1. I am horrible at watching Oscar movies in a timely manner. I watched finally watched Silver Linings Playbook on a plane in May. It was thoroughly entertaining but maybe just a tiny bit cheesy.
    2. Beauty is Embarrassing is an amazing documentary about the artist Wayne White who, among other things, was a puppeteer on Peewee's Playhouse. A must watch for any creative type who need to unblock a little bit.
    3. Cloud Atlas. What a crazy movie. Watched on a very rainy day with Mr. Loveforever, my mom and my stepdad, it gave us deep conversation fodder for the rest of the day. The movie spans hundreds of years, exploring connections and how people can affect each other's lives in meaningful or tragic ways. It's a very polarizing movie with some critics putting on their "Best of" lists and others putting it with the "Worst". For what it's worth, I liked it.
    4. I had dozens of paper rosettes to make for a craft fair and I wanted to watch a movie on Netflix. After some serching, I happened upon The American Scream, a documentary about three families in a small Massachusetts town who are into Halloween haunted houses in a big big way. Like all of these documentaries, it's not just about the haunted houses, it's about people expressing themselves, men wanting to connect with their kids, the desire to make something of oneself and have fun. Oh, but it's also about the fun of watching a bunch of middle age guys make zombies, vampires and tombstones out of found materials and the struggles their families go through as these guys foster their obsessions.
    5. "Eh, sure, I'll watch it, I guess". This is how I feel about most action movies, until I'm actually watching them and, despite myself, totally hooked. James Bond movies are the best of action movies so Skyfall was really fun.
    Next up for July: I continue to watch many free documentaries on Netflix!

    One Response to “Read. Watched. May and June.”

    1. Karla Pe says:

      Muchas gracias por tus recomendaciones. Me gustaría hacer una recomendación sobre una serie que vi hace unos días y me encantó. La nueva serie de HBO Latin América, Magnifica 70 se desarrolla a lo largo de la dictadura militar en Brasil, donde no se podían tocar temas tabú. Encontre vários datos sobre la série Magnifica 70 sobre su segunda temproada: http://mx.hbomax.tv/movie/TTL607353/Magnífica-70-02-Eps-01 La serie se sitúa en un periodo del cine en Sao Paolo que se llamó Boca de Lixio, donde hacían un cine autosustentable e independiente con varios tipos de películas, como poéticas, dramáticas, políticas y también unas que se llaman de porno cómicas, pero no todas salían a la luz.

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