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  • The Scarves are Here!

    May 17, 2013 | 8 Comments »

    Oh poor neglected blog. I know I have been ignoring you but I have good reason! So much is happening chez this is love forever. One big, gigantic thing, or should I say two: these scarves. My design partner Lauren and I just launched a print design company called Rue + Jane (named after our lovely grandmothers) and we recntly designed these scarves, now available at Anthropologie!
    We are dizzy with excitement, as you can imagine.

    8 Responses to “The Scarves are Here!”

    1. caitlin says:

      ooo! congratulations to you both! great colors!

    2. Congrats! What an exciting move to have made. Wishing you all the very best.

    3. Peggy says:

      That is so exciting! The scarves really are lovely. :)!!!

    4. karinajean says:

      oh! OH! they are beautiful! congratulations! this is super awesome exciting.

    5. Thanks Heather! I hope this leads to more fun jobs like this! I really enjoyed working on the project.

    6. Thanks Kari! Hopefully it leads to more cool stuff.

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