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  • Pattern Week Day 1/ Stripes

    October 15, 2012 | 2 Comments »

    Clearly I'm running a little bit behind here with Pattern Week- these things are time consuming so bear with me!
    Alright, now that I've made my lame excuses, let's move onto more important things: Stripes. Who doesn't like a stripe? They're versatile and graphic. They go with everything. Stripes take you to all sorts of places: a ticking stripe makes me think of the French countryside whereas a bold black and white stripe has a mod feel. Where do these photos take you?

    This photo by Matthias Heiderich makes me think of a giant lolipop

    on the left: a '60s stripe from Dolce & Gabbana 2013   on the right: a graphic stripe by surface designer Anni Albers

    The striped rug in this photo is both global and modern. From the home of designer Pamela Shamshiri

    on the left: nothing is better than a black and white striped runner! photo from design*sponge 
    on the right: a little bit of preppy stripe by photographer Rachel Whiting

    on the left: Kilim stripe pillows from Selina Lake's book Bazaar Style shot by Debi Treloar 
    on the right: zebra stripes from a vintage matchbook!

    elegant stripes in Manolo Blahnik's home shot by Ivan Terestchenko

    totally over-the-top stripes by photographer Milton Greene for Look magazine

    on the left: dots can make stripes too! Book cover by Stephen Russ   on the right: ethereal stripes from Reed Krackoff 2013 Resort

    2 Responses to “Pattern Week Day 1/ Stripes”

    1. stephanie says:

      obsessed with stripes, adore all Matthias Heiderich photographs and love Reed Krackoff everything. great post!

    2. Thanks Stephanie! I love Reed Krackoff everything too!

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