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  • Home Sweet Desk

    August 27, 2012 | 4 Comments »

    Whenever a new person starts at our office, their first comments are always on the Anthro "desk culture". We take desk decorating very seriously! Slightly sad but true, I spend about as much time at my desk as I do in my house so I want it to look like "me". Here's a little tour of my home away from home. I like to fill it with mementos, flotsam and jetsom that I like at the moment; it changes all the time in a very organic way.


    A couple of years ago, I covered my desk walls with blue and white ticking stripe (after an unfortunate cat-themed desk). It's a good neutral backdrop for a lot of colors. Since it's summer, the color scheme on the walls is going very neon pink and yellow.
    On the top shelf: some striped watercolor cards, a few leaves taped up with pink washi tape, a tiny blue frame with an acorn perched behind it, a funny calendar that is completely out of date (January 2010!), a cat paint-by numbers painting and a small yellow lamp. Below the shelf: a prize ribbon from the 1983 Mummers Parade, lots of photobooth photos, a little pink banner.


    I got this yellow bird from the Goodwill. He seemed like he wanted a little bow tie made out of washi tape.



    My friend Ben got me this rabbit for Christmas. Everyone on our team tried to complain less this year, with varying results, hence the "Be Optimistic" flag.

    My desk is always covered in stacks of books and magazines. I spy the September issue of Vogue waiting to be read!

    4 Responses to “Home Sweet Desk”

    1. dewi-marie says:

      the bunny with the be optimistic flag is too cute!!! lovely desk you have. :D

    2. Ellen says:

      Love the yellow bird—love you blog and your book! I just sent you an email c/o workman and i am hoping they fwd it to you. I’d love to have your vist us for a program in CT.

    3. Hey Ellen! Yes they did forward to me. I’m so excited to do something in CT. I’m originally from Wilton so it’s home for me!

    4. thanks! it’s a good reminder during hard days…

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