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  • Making It: Washi Tape Rosettes

    June 11, 2012 | 4 Comments »

    Paper rosettes are so easy to make that they barely require a tutorial at all. Also, there are probably dozens of tutorials for them online already. BUT, a few days ago, I was making some for my book table at Squam and I started adding some washi tape to the process and they looked awesome! So, I thought I would share…

    What you need:
    Book pages (you can also use any other kind of lightweight paper)
    Washi tape in various colors
    White glue
    Paint brush


    Fig. 1: Depending on the size of your rosette, you will need 2-5 pages of a book (or another paper), all the same size. I am going to use 4 full book pages for this rosette.


    Fig. 2: Affix a couple of stripes of washi tape to all of your book pages running lengthwise. I made mine random but you can also measure them out.
    Variation: you can also have the tape stripes running width-wise for a totally different look.

    Fig 3

    Fig. 3: Accordian fold your book pages lengthwise roughly every half inch.


    Fig. 4: Fold your accordian-ed book pages in half lengthwise and brush glue onto one edge.


    Fig. 5: Fold the edges together and press for the glue to hold. This will make a little fan. Repeat to make four fans.


    Fig. 6: Now you will put the fans together. You can see here that I have glued three together and am about to add the fourth.
    Brush glue on both outer edges of the fan and affix to the other fans. I recommend doing this part on a flat surface.



    Fig. 7 & 8: Tada! You have pretty and bright rosettes to play with. They are perfect for parties, gift toppers, decorating walls in a kid's room, wearing on your head…whatever you want!

    4 Responses to “Making It: Washi Tape Rosettes”

    1. i think i might do these if I have time to make decorations for my booth at Renegade. Loved your little paper hat you rocked at Squam too! so good to see you for a bit…

    2. Mihaeko says:

      So pretty! I will have to do this with my daughter this summer. Nice camping craft, it seems.

    3. LimeRiot says:

      What a great idea!! I just love washi tape :).

    4. Ann says:

      The tape adds such nice random bursts of color – great idea! I’ll be sharing on All Things Paper.

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