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  • A {Pretty} Pouch A Day

    April 27, 2012 | 3 Comments »

    Yesterday, I went in to get my weekly allergy shot. As I was leaving, the receptionist watched as I gathered my purse, tote bag, jacket, scarf and cup of tea and dryly commented, "you don't travel light, do you?"
    This is one of the NY things I have not been able to let go of in my Philly life. Like a modern-day nomad, I travel with everything I need for the day, including but not limited to: my make-up, a snack, at least one beverage, a wallet, a notbook, my phone, a change of shoes and a magazine or two. Sometimes I throw a few groceries in there too. People who have cars use them to throw all their junk in, I carry mine on my back.
    One thing that keeps my bags from falling into complete disarray is my love for pouches. Here are some favorite pouches, so cute they inspire rhymes…

    Sunday's pouch is grey and flat, in the whimsical shape of a sleeping cat.

    's pouch is of fine feathered flocks, it's bright photoprints will knock off your socks.

    's pouch with delicate beads, is a tiny purse of a highbrow breed.

    Wednesday's favorite is no slouch, it's a rosy pink fold-over pouch.

    Thursday's pouch is patterned and fun- oh-so hard to just pick one.
    Screen shot 2012-04-25 at 7.56.27 PM

    's pouch is worth the hype, with worn-in leather and railroad stripe.

    Saturday's pouch, with colors electric. Each one is unique + quilted geometric.

    3 Responses to “A {Pretty} Pouch A Day”

    1. Nicole Alesi says:

      So cute! I am loving the pattern pouches. Just added them to my pinterest board so I remember to buy one.

    2. vanya says:

      I am glad to hear that I am not the only one.I grew up in Europe and used the public transport to move from point A to B.I had to carry a lot of stuff in my purse and I still do.I would add to your list a small sketchbook,ink pens and colored pencils, a small notebook,pain pills/just in case/ and a candy bar.

    3. Missy says:

      I do this, too. I tried to buy a smaller purse/tote so as not to carry so much stuff around, but I still tend to cram it full no matter the size. I like to carry: a sketchbook, pencil case with pens and pencils for drawing, my planner, make up pouch, wallet, phone in its own pouch, and some ginger candy. I know there is more I am forgetting! One can never have too many pouches, right?

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