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  • Wanderlust: Three Days in Providence, RI

    November 23, 2011 | 5 Comments »

    I've talked about my intense wanderlust instinct before. It's definitely a bit of a grass-is-always-greener syndrome- I spend three days in a cute town, city or hamlet and I instantly want to move there. But I swear, I could actually live in Providence for reals. When Squam friends Elizabeth and Christine invited me to spend a few days in their adobable city, I jumped at the chance.

    Providence rolled out the perfect fall weekend for me with crisp sunny days walking through leaf strewn sidewalks and lazy brunches nibbling on pastries and drinking tea. Elizabeth and Christine were perfect hosts- that just right combination of lots to do and see but no hurry to do it in.


    On Friday I hopped the train (I love train rides don't you?) from NYC and got into Providence very late but luckily Christine's house has a separate entrance so I snuck in to find a gigantic king size bed piled with pillows just for me and note telling me that there were homemade muffins and butternut squash soup in the fridge. What is this magical place? My personal heaven?






    Saturday we walked all over the city, stopping for a delicious, local and somehow still inexpensive lunch at the art collective space AS220. My favorite part of the day (and possibly the month) was a visit to the Edna Lawrence Nature Lab, part of RISD but open to the public. Artists of all kinds can peruse the thousands of specimens, rocks, shells, feathers and animals there and then sketch, sculpt and paint them at the giant tables there. I think I could go there every day. They also had a beautiful exhibit about the geometry of plant life and nature. Just the kind of nerdiness that I go for.




    We had dinner at La Laiterie, another local type retaurant. I had steak with mushroom gnocci and sunchoke fondant. It made my head explode with happiness.






    Sunday started off with the aforementioned lazy brunch at Elizabeth's beautiful light filled house (and her vey own mini- Nature Lab). Seriously Providence, why are you hogging all the sun? I like my house fine but let's be real, it is a dark South Philly cave. After that we took another walk, did some shopping, followed by dinner at Christine's (why didn't I take pics of here house too? Dang!) and dessert at Pastiche.

    And Sunday I took a walk with Elizabeth then headed home. Even the adorably cute train station had good food: I got myself a grilled cheese on sourdough bread from the local bakery with avocado and bacon. Take that Penn Station.

    Good eats and pretty scenery aside, the best part of the trip was the talking. You know when you are with people that just get you, regardless of how short or long they've known you and the conversation is just effortless? I came home inspired and happy, ready to start lots of new projects and dream lots of big things.

    5 Responses to “Wanderlust: Three Days in Providence, RI”

    1. Elizabeth says:

      All sounds so lovely!! I have wanderlust a lot, too. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    2. Will G. says:

      I was lucky enough to spend a weekend in Providence back in September, and I also really enjoyed it.

      I had an excellent vegan meal at AS220, and spent a few hours (i.e., not nearly enough time) in the RISD Art Museum. The Nature Lab looks incredible! Sad I missed it.

      Glad to hear you had such a nice time there… I’ll try and make it to Philly again soon!

    3. Serena says:

      So dreamy. I now have an insane desire to visit.

    4. Yes, let us know if you’re heading east any time soon! I’ll let you know if we head out to Portland. Definitely hit up the Nature Lab if you go to Provi again- it was amazing!

    5. Serena, it’s awesome! I don’t know why more people don’t talk about Providence…

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