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  • What type are you?

    February 6, 2010 | 7 Comments »

    Picture 10

    Find out what your type is from the people at Pentagram. I'm Archer Hairline. What type are you?

    via Bird and Banner.

    7 Responses to “What type are you?”

    1. abby jane says:

      i’m dot matrix, i honestly don’t really like dot matrix though!

    2. Biz says:

      i’m pistilli roman. love it.

    3. edina says:

      fun! i’m pistilli roman

    4. Julie says:

      New Alphabet – Striking but totally illegible! Hmmmm….

    5. I’m Archer Hairline too. That was a funny and interesting quiz!

    6. i am the same as you…archer hairline!
      i linked this on my blog today and gave you a plug!
      happy thursday!

    7. I guess like attracts like. I’m Archer Hairline too…and I like it! : )

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