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  • How to Hang a Picture Just Right

    August 10, 2009 | 6 Comments »

    I am not a person known for precision (I have a tendency to eye-ball things) so this isn’t so much about measuring as it is planning.
    I have a ton of art, most of it vintage and inexpensive and I like to hang it in big collections gallery-style. Since most of the art is cheap and fun to collect I think more about the collection as whole rather than each individual piece. Every time I move, I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want to do with my paint by numbers. In our last place, we had them in a crazy meandering line across our bedroom walls. The room was really tiny and all the paint by numbers made it feel like a cozy cabin. Our new place has really high ceilings and feels more modern so I tried to come up with a more modern way to hang them.

    I took most of the paint by numbers out of their frames, leaving just a few with the frames that I liked the most. I decided that I wanted to hang them in our living room in a square shape but that I didn’t want the square shape to be perfect. I started by laying out all the paintings on the floor and moved them around until I got the right arrangement, then I took a picture.
    I measured the width and height of the arrangement and then figured out where on the wall this size square would work best, taking into account that I will probably buy a console table or bench for this wall at some point.

    Paintbynumber2Starting at the bottom left, I hung the first painting on the wall and worked my way across the first row, referencing my digital photo. Since the square didn’t have to be perfect, I ditched the level and just went by what looked right.

    Paintbynumbers3Note the USA Paint by Number by Something's Hiding in Here, a nice variation in shape from the rest of the paintings and just perfect for this arrangement I think!

    6 Responses to “How to Hang a Picture Just Right”

    1. Elle (boltandfrolic) says:

      Great arrangement! Very fun collection : )

    2. Heidi Jo says:

      Looks fabulous. I love paint-by-number collections!

    3. Margo says:

      I like your collection. I’m an ‘eyeballer’ too. Gets me into trouble sometimes, but usually it leaves me a lot more free – not to mention more sane – to just skip the ruler. Great arrangement! Thanks for the idea for an arrangement of some of my smaller pieces.

    4. This looks fabulous!!!

    5. maggie may says:

      great job, it looks totally charming.

    6. molly says:

      they look so good, you’ve given me inspiration to do that with all my brothers paintings, just a few in frames is fine, it looks great. i really like the idea of getting them into a sort of square. i kept thinking lines. but i haven’t liket that yet. so, thanks (again!)

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