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  • Blog Tour: Crochet Adorned + Crochet in Fashion

    August 20, 2009 | 8 Comments »

    Picture 3

    I am so excited that Linda Permann is stopping here on her blog tour for her fantastic book Crochet Adorned. To be completely honest, I am not very good at crochet but reading this book really makes me want to pick up a hook and improve my sad skills. 


    Crochet tends to take a back-seat in crafting to knitting (but not for long!) but you can do so many amazing things with crochet. Linda's book is all about adorning and embellishing your clothing with crochet elements: a garden of flowers on a cardigan, a little trim on a simple shoe or a yoke of crochet on a blouse. I love the contrast of crochet with fabric: it's very feminine and the play of textures is really cool. Plus, I love a project that you can finish in a night! 


    Crochet adorned 3

    Linda and I were talking about crochet and fashion and we thought it would be fun to show runway looks that are crocheted. As designers, we often turn to runway shows for inspiration. Though most people don't ever own one stitch of designer clothing, I like to think of runway shows as fashion fantasy. Remember that part from The Devil Wears Prada when Miranda (Meryl Streep's character) tells Andy (Anne Hathaway's character that even though she thinks she is beyond fashion, pretty much everything that people buy to wear trickles down from the runway? Oh, it's so true. Runway fashion may not be affordable, wearable or even make any sense from time to time but it has an undeniable affect on every designer, from a large team at a big box store to a small designer hand-sewing her collection.

    Here are some images of crochet on the runways from the last few years:

    Clockwise from top left: A Detacher Spring 2009, Collette Dinnigan Fall 2007,Kenzo Spring 2009, PPQ Spring 2009, John Rocha Fall 2008, D & G Fall 2008

    Now, on the other hand, designers right now are highly influenced by crafters. Crafting as a hobby gets more popular every year and things that feel or look handmade are getting more highly prized in our increasingly disposable culture. Fashion designers have always looked to us, the people, the street, for cues just as we look to them. So it's a give and take, a free exchange of ideas and creativity. 

    To find out more about Linda and her book, visit her website.

    Are you consciously influenced by runway fashion? Do you look at the shows every season?

    8 Responses to “Blog Tour: Crochet Adorned + Crochet in Fashion”

    1. Lorelei says:

      Great post, you’ve inspired me to start paying attention to runway fashion instead of mocking it.

    2. Margo says:

      I’m sold on those embellishments for shoes. Just perfect to add a little interest to an otherwise dull article. Great idea!

    3. sarah says:

      I like to use my longer breaks from school (summer and winter holidays) to do a bit of sewing, and add to my wardrobe. If I don’t already have a project in mind, or if I have only a vague idea (say, I want to make a white blouse, but what style? what fabric?), I go to both fashion shows and my own inspiration book (full of clippings of stuff that I like) and look and look and look until it comes to me – either a new idea, or something I want to copy or adapt. I also like looking at the shows well in advance of sewing just to bank ideas; one never knows how other intervening experiences and time will filter and sort this input, and what might resurface later as the perfect garment or idea.

    4. molly says:

      crochet has come SUCH a long way, hasn’t it?!

    5. wow. excellent pictures of the fashion show. thanks a lot

    6. WOW >.< What a pretty shoes.. :)
      my sister had one, but no original.

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    7. Alecia says:

      That is one thing I regret not learning how to do- crocheting.

    8. Frankie says:

      I would love to team up with you to do a promotion! Love to crochet and sew. I am new to embroidery (a year into my new hobby) and applique.

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