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  • Conversation Hearts

    January 14, 2009 | 13 Comments »


    These conversation heart cookies from Martha's February issue are killing me with cuteness. I think I might have gasped when I turned the page and saw them.
    Despite my dislike for the typical commercial trappings of Valentine's Day, as a stylist I love the look of Valentine's Day. Do you know what I mean? Hearts, red, pink, lace and doilies? It's all so deliciously over-the-top. Mr. Love Forever and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day but I think that I am going to do some baking and give a few things to friends.
    What do you think about Valentine's Day? Love it? Hate it?

    13 Responses to “Conversation Hearts”

    1. Michelle says:

      I love the look of most holidays, but Valentine’s for me is 2nd runner up to Christmas.

      Just got your book- I HEART IT!

    2. I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day but I agree with the cuteness of those cookies. But the cupcakes in this issue really did it for me. So cute & so yummy looking. Oy!

    3. erica says:

      I hate Valentine’s Day. Always have…there’s such an expectation of perfection to it. And even the best relationship falls flat when faced with that kind of pressure. But those cookies are adorable. It’s a good thing I’m not a huge baker!

    4. Sarah says:

      I like Valentine’s Day. I like all Holidays really, some mean more to me than others.
      It bugs me that people perceive Valentine’s Day to be just about Romantic relationships. I know advertising and society tell us that, but I think it is a day to show all the important people in your life that you love and appreciate them.
      So buy your Mom or best friend some flowers… or make your brother his favorite pie!

    5. Cassandra says:

      Never really have liked Valentine’s Day. I think love should be showed every day. But I do love the “look” of it…

    6. Ryan says:

      I think being nice to eachother and small, but sweet gestures through out the entire year is more important than celebrating on Valentine’s Day. But I do like sending valentines to my friends and family and putting up a few decorations.

    7. lorelei says:

      I don’t really care about Valentine’s Day’s meaning (I like to share my love year-round) but I ADORE the trappings of it, the colors, hearts, all that jazz. I wish it wasn’t all so dripping with meaning…

    8. Erica K says:

      valentines day would be cute…if i had someone to share it with. lol

    9. Dyan Whyte says:

      I love the sentiment and feeling of Valentine’s Day but not the commercialism. I’m a hopeless romantic.

    10. kayte terry says:

      it’s so interesting to hear what you all think about V Day! i agree with many of you: people should show their love every day *and* love doesn’t just mean the romantic kind!

    11. lexi says:

      Not a big fan of Valentine’s either, but this is such a cute idea. Might have to make them just to sneak them into my husband’s lunch box.

    12. Sarah says:

      My husband and I don’t usually make a big deal (usually a card and I cook a nice dinner), but I do love the valentine’s style. It always reminds me of the handmade cards my Mom used to make my brother and I. And because of her, I have begun making all of my children’s cards. For my oldest son (6), I remember the first “store” card I gave him for his 4th birthday, and he said, “Why didn’t you make my card, Mommy?” I always make every card now. And with valentine’s cards, you can use heart doilies and red & pink paper–it’s great. And in college one year, my husband made me a card with a collage. Wow, I had a lot to say, sorry…

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