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    Hi, I’m Kayte! Find out more about me here and/or send me an email at kaytet@gmail.com.

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  • Hi, I’m Kayte

    January 8, 2009 | 30 Comments »


    10 important things about me:

    1. I work in the visual department for this lovely place.
    2. I have been making things my whole life but please don’t ask me to pick just one. I will cry.
    3. I went to an experimental college called Simon’s Rock when I was 15.
    4. I vacillate wildly between die-hard city girl and country mouse.
    5. I’m a Libra. See why I have a hard time making decisions?
    6. I’m 34 and I don’t know how to drive.
    7. I laugh easily and cry easily. Sometimes at the same time.
    8. I am a library of not particularly useful knowledge- who was that actor in an episode Law and Order season 5? What did the Chloe Spring 2007 collection look like? Ask me.
    9. I have a bit of that typical Yankee staunchness that comes across as aloof but I’m not. Just give me a chance.
    10. I am incredibly close to my mom.

    10 slightly less important things about me:
    1. When I was a kid, I had a traumatic experience with mustard. As a result I will not eat it. Ever.
    2. I love the mix of natural materials with plastics, neons, and metals. It’s all about juxtaposition. I also like to eat my food mixed up.
    3. In college, after a late night of studying, I accidentally broke a mirror and, logically glued it to my dorm room floor. I also hot glued buttons all over the wall. I have no idea why I wasn’t fined.
    4. My legs don’t ever get tan.
    5. I can’t ever seem to keep a pair of earrings, so I always wear them mismatched.
    6. I sing a mean karaoke rendition of Barracuda by Heart.
    7. I love to bake but I’m often on a gluten free, dairy free or sugar free kick so often I can’t eat my own creations.
    8. I love pink.
    9. I wish I was a morning person.
    10. I wish I wore hats more.

    30 Responses to “Hi, I’m Kayte”

    1. sorina says:

      This is such a fun “about me” section! :-)
      True people about honesty! Fun fun fun!

    2. kayte says:

      Hi Clare-
      Oh yes, all of the templates are online- in each project that calls for a template, there should be a url there. just type it into your address bar and all the templates should appear as pdfs. that way you can print them as you wish!

    3. Mary Ann Lawson says:

      Would like to see more hat ideas.

    4. amanda says:

      How do I contact you for a media kit?

    5. Hi Katye,
      What’s the best way to reach you with a business question? Thanks!

    6. Hi Kayte,

      We are huge fans of your blog at Chronicle Books. If you are interested in having some beautiful stationery/books sent to you drop me a line!

    7. Hi Kayte,
      I’d love to reach you to talk about a possible visit to our library. Fairfield Public Library, Ct.


    8. A great page you have in here. thanks a lot for the share. Interesting indeed. An impressive post you’re having in here.

    9. You really know your stuff… Keep up the good work!

    10. You are really a open mind person that you have shared the important things about you. very less people do such thing.

    11. ;-) It was good to learn more about you in such a fun way. The only thing missing is video ;-)

      There are lots of 34 year olds who don’t know how to drive. That’s why they get tickets ;-)

      I guess that your friends must look forward to your baking, since they know that they will be eating most of it. You should try more gluten free versions of the things you like. Nowadays it seems that there are lots of cookbooks available which give you substitutes that allow you to to get almost the same results while sticking to a more ideal diet.

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    14. Claudia says:

      hi Kayte. you have a lovely blog. it’s my first time visiting, think i found you through pinterest. i went as far back as september 2011 on your posts. anthro is one of my favorite places to visit. what a great job to have even though i’m sure stressful just like any other.
      thank you for inspiring!

    15. Michal says:

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    22. Thanks Kayte! You’re so creative. :)

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