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  • Rooms to Die For

    July 29, 2007 | 10 Comments »

    Artist Elena Columbo's vacation home living room is so vibrant with color! I love the crazy lacquered logs and the light blue mixed with red. Image from Blueprint Magazine

    Caroline Irving, Vogue Living's style editor really has a way with pattern and color mixing so it's no surprise that she is coming out with her own ltextile collection. I love that, despite the black walls, this room is airy and bright. It just goes to show that a soothing room doesn't have be pastel or neutral. Image from Domino Magazine

    My favorite thing about these two rooms is that they are easy to do on a dime. While I doubt that either of these two ladies had a shoestring budget, a lot of the furniture they have could be easily thrifted and painted to spruce it up a bit. If you can't afford gorgeously appliqued pillows ans coverlets, you could make some of your own! It might take a little time but you are creating your very own heirlooms and those are always more valuable that anything you buy at a store.

    10 Responses to “Rooms to Die For”

    1. i love the red in both rooms. it just adds so much more visual interests. i especially love the first room, how the red and blue comes together. i also love the tree trunks ;)

      i also support your opinion that people can create their very own heirlooms and those are always more valuable than anything they buy at the store! people have the tendency of buying things because they think they need it. but by using their existing furniture or accessories and adding some creativity and personality to them, the objects become more meaningful for them and also become conversational pieces, instead of just same old “where did you get that?” “oh, from xxxx.”



    2. sarah says:

      holy smokes, these are really nice. could you do me a favour and possibly translate the fine print re: those trunks in the first room? I’ve misplaced my glasses, but if I squint, I can make something out about finding them in a field and five coats of enamel?

      and hear, hear, cindy! That’s my philosophy as well. I think mass-produced things are rarely made with quality these days, so they’re unlikely to last as heirlooms, anyhow. People need to rediscover the joy of making their own, life-long pieces.

    3. Kayte says:

      hey sarah-yes, she found them in a field and then coated them with a latex primer and then five layers of fire-engine red proch enamel paint.
      they are so so cool aren’t they?!!!

    4. sarah says:

      they really, really are! Thanks for the fine print!

    5. Shannon says:

      the red and light blue/green is the color palette for my bedroom right now… I love it! and I love the coral on the pillow. I have a ton of wooden chunks in the backyard from old trees we ripped down… I think I need to go get some latex primer now!!!

    6. julie atBV says:

      I agree with you. I think this black room looks airy and fresh and actually I think that when you add some white furniture or pieces to a black room it would make it look fresher. I love both of these rooms.

      P.S. I also talk to my mom at least three times a day and also clean the top of the stove. I thought everybody did it…?

    7. Kc says:

      Love all the subtle texture in the first room! painted wood, cool tiles, rough and warm textiles…yummy

      Last holiday i painted a bunch of branches high gloss black and worked them into some “generic scary looking tree mural” wallpaper i painted for the dining room vignette(Anthropologie, Los Angeles). Not as cool as these logs but still good fun.

    8. Kayte says:

      kc- i don’t know; that sounds pretty damn cool!

    9. Jess says:

      Elena Columbo’s room stopped me in my tracks when I saw it in the last Blueprint. I LOVE it. My practical engineer husband immediately pointed out that sitting on stumps can’t be that comfortable, but I don’t care. It’s so colorful and gorgeous!

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