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  • Living Room Progress

    April 24, 2007 | 3 Comments »

    Things are starting to happen around the house. Mr. Loveforever and I have finally decided to stay put in one place long enough to really nest and I have been doing some re-decorating.

    Our living room is kind of a joke of a room, just big enough for a couch, a coffee table and two bookshelves, so we don't have a whole lot of furniture arranging options. We live in the typical Brooklyn railroad apartment, lots of thin long rooms and not so many windows, so my goal is to make the living room bright, graphic and comfortable.
    We found a new-to-us bookcase at the Salvation Army and repainted it with a glossy white. I've been so inspired by all the color organized bookshelves that I've been seeing around the net lately that I decided it was time to take the plunge. Although I have no idea where any of my books are right now, it certainly looks a lot nicer. Plus, it was pretty fun to take books all the books out of two bookshelves (there's another one on the other side of the room not pictured) and throw them on the couch.


    I've been collecting paint-by-numbers paintings for a while now; I buy them on Ebay or at flea markets. A couple of them are paintings that I did a couple of years ago in an attempt to find a more calming hobby. I have a strict price limit of $15 or lower and I usually leave them in whatever cheap frame they came in. Paint by numbers have suddenly become trendy and hip New York vintage stores are trying to sell them for fity bucks lately. I find that horrifying.
    I decided that I wanted to hang the paintings so that the collection would be seen as one installation, that the (mostly cheap and crappy) paint-by-numbers would have value as a whole. Eventually I want to build them up a little more on the far end of the wall so it looks like an explosion of paintings but the collection takes time and is subject to my wildly fluctuating and totally erratic income.
    Someday, I will also make some new pillows and get some drawer pulls for the bookshelf. I am thinking black lucite but that is definitely going to have to wait until late May, when I get some extra money. For now, it makes me smile every time I come home and that is enough.

    3 Responses to “Living Room Progress”

    1. Emily says:

      Oooooh, I love paint by numbers! Unfortunately they are hard to come by in my country, they never really took off here! I’ll have to check out the US ebay site- I think I will also impose a $15 limit, don’t wanna drive the prices up!!

    2. sg says:

      I want to see Mr. loveforever’s dresser!

    3. hello there! i have just come upon your blog and was reading about the paint by numbers… and i almost screamed in excitement that someone else understood how horrifying it is that certain things are becoming so trendy that they are outragiously priced. i have been colecting old sewing boxes at estate sales, thrift stores, and other sales for about 7 years now, and when i first started they were under $15 for a big one full of stuff that i could bring home and play with. however a few years ago martha stewart did an article that featured vintage sewing notions and now they are about $50 at some places. it makes me sick! so i set a limit of $20 for a really good one.

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