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  • Spring Flowers from Spring Cleaning

    April 17, 2014 | No Comments »

    We’re packing up our offices and moving to bigger digs right down the street so this means that yours truly is doing a lot of spring cleaning. You can’t even imagine how many magazines we have here. Really.
    On the plus side, I’m finding all sorts of inspiration in my poor neglected zine stacks. Pinterest has reigned for so long that honestly, it feels really good to thumb through pages. Case in point: this beautiful Ditte Isager-photographed story on flowers from an old issue of Domino. Don’t these photos just make you smile?
    Domino magazine / thisisloveforever.com Domino magazine / thisisloveforever.com Domino magazine / thisisloveforever.com Domino magazine / thisisloveforever.com
    photo credits: photos by Ditte Isager and produced by Kim Ficaro and Steven Orr for Domin magazine Feb. 2009

    Loving {Forever}: De Vera

    April 9, 2014 | No Comments »

    De Vera / thisisloveforever.com
    De Vera / thisisloveforever.com
    There are some stores that transcend the good-old, brick-and-mortar format. They are more like museums, galleries or even adventures. They make you feel like you are in on a special secret. De Vera is one of those stores. A treasure trove of objets and jewelry displayed as art, a few moments stolen at De Vera feels like a meditative experience out of space and time, far from the Soho hustle and bustle.

    De Vera / thisisloveforever.com
    De Vera / thisisloveforever.comDe Vera / thisisloveforever.com De Vera / thisisloveforever.com De Vera / thisisloveforever.com De Vera / thisisloveforever.com
    Visit De Vera in New York at their downtown location at 10 Crosby St. or their uptown location at 26 East 81st St.

    In Paris…

    March 25, 2014 | No Comments »

    I’m headed off for a three day trip to Paris on Thursday and I am over the moon! My bags are already packed and I am oh-so ready to go. Here’s my plan…

    Paris / thisisloveforever.com
    on left: Paris photo via A Blog Named Scouton right: Georgia Frost by Guy Aroch for Tatler UK August 2009 via

    Paris / thisisloveforever.com
    photo of Laduree via This is Glamorous Paris guide

    Paris / thisisloveforever.com
    on left: photo at Telescope Café from Guided by Cereal Paris guide, on right: Francoise Hardy via
    Paris / thisisloveforever.com

    on left: Ellison sunglasses from Warby Parker, Parkline dress by Madewell, fanny pack by Clare Vivier on right: Tom Craig shoots Ruby Jean Wilson For Vogue Japan/2013 via

    Read/Watched: February

    March 23, 2014 | No Comments »

    50/50 collage / Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com
    Another month of my fifty/fifty reading and watching challenge. February is a short month and I would like to use that as my excuse for why I only read 2 books and watched 3 movies. Another good excuse is that I lost a lot of the month to House of Cards and True Detective. Since a lot fewer books and movies were consumed, my accompanying art piece is a lot less chart-like and a lot more rambling and random.
    Wild by Cheryl Strayed (tearjerker!)
    Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynn Truss (nerdgasm)
    12 Years a Slave (fantastic!!)
    Wattstock (great music, eh documentary)
    Spinning Plates (fabulous food documentary)

    Loving {Forever}: Elisa Nalin

    March 11, 2014 | No Comments »

    The fashion world is full of people who take themselves too seriously; people who would rather pout than smile. But not Elisa Nalin. An Italian-born, Paris-based stylist, Elisa is a fixture on street style blogs, known for her print mixing prowess and her big, happy smile. It’s pretty safe to say that I am smitten…

    ELISA NALIN / thisisloveforever.com
    ELISA NALIN / thisisloveforever.com
    ELISA NALIN / thisisloveforever.com ELISA NALIN / thisisloveforever.com

    ELISA NALIN / thisisloveforever.com

    ELISA NALIN / thisisloveforever.com ELISA NALIN / thisisloveforever.com

    image sources:
    image 1: on left: image via Lee Oliviera  on right: image via Notorious Mag
    image 2: image by Kayte Terry, quote from Elisa Nalin
    image 3: image via Nora Kogan
    image 4: image via Tory Burch (photo by Stephanie Keenan)
    image 5: on left: via Refinery 29 on right: image by Stockholm Street Style
    image 6: image via The Sartorialist
    image 7: on left: via Trendy Crew on right: via Elisa Nalin (photo by Tommy Ton)

    Just A Little Green

    March 10, 2014 | No Comments »

    It was 55 degrees on Saturday and Sunday begins daylight savings time: could Spring be around the corner? Here’s hoping for a little sprig of green to brighten our days. No other colors just yet, a little green will do.

    GREEN / thisisloveforever.com
    just a little green/ text by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com
    just a little green/ thisisloveforever.comjust a little green/  thisisloveforever.com   Toshiyuki fukuda / thisisloveforever.com
    images from top: 
    image 1: on left: illustration by Lucy Augé, on right: minimalist fern wreath from One Wed
    image 2: by Kayte Terry
    image 3: on left: photo by Kayte Terry, on right: Hilo Beauty print by Claire Nereim
    image 3: Landet Jarna flower shop in Stockholm via this is paper
    image 4: on left: Score and Solder terrarium  on right: illustration by Tamae Mizukami
    image 5: illustration by Toshiyuki Fukuda


    I Love Art: Adam Frezza & Terry Chaio

    March 4, 2014 | No Comments »

    Adam Frezza And Terry Chaio are a dynamic duo of Brooklyn artists, who work collaboratively with a wide range of media. I am completely enamored with their Paper Plants series, a collection of fantastical plants in impossible colors that, nonetheless, are completely lifelike. Aren’t they amazing?

    Adam Frezza & Terry Chaio / thisisloveforever.com

    Adam Frezza & Terry Chaio / thisisloveforever.com
    Adam Frezza & Terry Chaio / thisisloveforever.com
    Adam Frezza & Terry Chaio / thisisloveforever.com
    Adam Frezza & Terry Chaio / thisisloveforever.com

    When Fast Fashion Brings You Down

    February 18, 2014 | 15 Comments »

    Smile by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com

    This is not a post about knocking fashion. I love fashion as a concept. From Day One, I’ve loved a good outfit. But sometimes it all just gets to be too much. Case in point: after work today, I found myself fantasizing about clothes and, like a gravitational pull, I walked myself into a chain store known for churning out the trends at breakneck speed and low low prices. I liked what I saw at first. And then, there I was, moments later, in the unflattering light of the fitting room trying on synthetic, horribly sewn crap to the droning beat of god-awful dance music and it all became too much. I put everything back on the hanger and walked out so quickly I almost felt like I was doing something wrong. No one noticed of course, because if there’s one thing cheap and trendy stores don’t carry, it’s customer service. On my walked home I got to thinking…
    About fashion and my tricky relationship with it. Getting dressed up has always been a blast to me, especially when I was younger and it didn’t matter when my clothes were hot glued together. As I get older, fashion seems less fun and more desperate. I find myself caring less about what I look like from moment to moment, until I catch myself in the mirror looking like some wild-haired be-spectacled matron and I think, “good lord. That couldn’t be right.” The media prays on women like me, women who want to stay young and fabulous forever. And that can’t be what fashion is about right? Shouldn’t it really be an art form of sorts, dressing your body the way you would a canvas?
    Sometimes I want to toss everything in my closet out and just wear a uniform, some sort of amazing linen smock dress made in Paris that I own in three colors and that’s it. Maybe I could focus on more if my closet were smaller.
    One of the things I want to think about the most in 2014 is slowing down. Fast fashion, fast food, fast walking, it’s just no good. I’ve learned that doing things quickly is far more easy than doing things with slow precision, with great intent and mindfulness. I often rush through life so quickly that, in a blink, I’ve missed everything, the good and the bad. It’s only in the slowness that we can see the little things, the bits that could have slipped through the cracks. Even in the things that hurt, the things I want to brush over, there’s so much to learn when you’re not in a rush.
    So what does this mean about my stubbornly overflowing closet? I’m getting there. I’m chipping away at what gets me shopping and what might get me to slow down.

    What do you think? Are you immune to fast fashion or does it also suck you into its’ vortex?

    Credits: photo of Nimue Smit and Kasia Struss at Valentino S/S 2012, words by Thich Nhat Hanh,  design by Kayte Terry (all unlikely bedfellows)

    I Totally Heart You

    February 15, 2014 | No Comments »

    Paper hearts by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com
    Oh, I was so bad at making Christmas presents this year so I thought I would make up for it with Valentines! I’ve always been a big fan of Valentine’s Day. Not the red rose, overpriced champagne dinner, diamond ringed Valentine’s Day but the handmade, pink and red, candy sweet Valentine’s Day. Plus, an added benefit: it gave me something happy to keep me busy over this very long winter. I highly recommend starting your Valentines on January 2nd. It’s a good task for dreary winter nights and a way to stave off the post-holiday doldrums for a bit longer.

    These are the Valentines I gave out this year, one with fabric hearts, the other with vintage stitched paper hearts. I really wanted to do a tutorial on these but, then, that would have ruined the surprise! I guess we’ll all have to wait till February 14th next year…

    One other thing: thanks for reading this blog. For that, I totally heart you!
    Paper hearts by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com Paper hearts by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com Paper hearts by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com
    Fabric hearts by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.comFabric hearts by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com
    Fabric hearts by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com
    Fabric hearts by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com fabric hearts by Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com

    Read/Watched: January

    February 10, 2014 | 1 Comment »

    50/50 watercolor / Kayte Terry / thisisloveforever.com
    I signed up for the 50 50 challenge again this year! That’s 50 books, 50 movies in one year. I never really make it but it doesn’t hurt to try right? This year, I’m off to a pretty great start with three amazing novels, one memoir, one book about books and seven movies that are pretty much all over the map. I’m trying to curb my Law & Order addiction (confession: I’m watching one right now) in favor of getting into bed earlier in the night with a good read. And to add yet another dimension to the project, I’ll continue to post my monthly lists here in some creative visual way.
    So off I go! Let me know if you are working on a similar project this year! We can keep each other honest.

    (watercolor by Kayte Terry)